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Location, Location, Location Nature and nurture have combined to make Kentucky a logistical paradise. Located at the center of a 34-state distribution area in the eastern United States, Kentucky’s location advantage facilitates the distribution of goods and materials to a massive industrial and consumer market. Kentucky’s borders are within a one-day’s truck drive or 600 miles of over 65 percent of the nation’s population, personal income and manufacturing establishments. Bolstered by 20 interstates and major highways, major rail networks, barge traffic on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, three global air shipping hubs, six commercial airports (including two international) and 60+ regional airports, Kentucky’s logistics network makes it easy to reach all point of the globe easily and efficiently. Across the nation and around the world, business leaders and logistics providers are increasingly looking to Kentucky as the strategic partner they need to aggressively compete in the global marketplace.

Less than a 6 hour drive to 65% of the country

Top 10 Reasons for Locating or Expanding Your Business in Kentucky

Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport is a public use airport located two nautical miles northeast of the central business district of Tompkinsville. The airport covers an area of 120 acres with one runway measuring 4,000 X 75 feet.